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Fiesta Communities is known as a developer of affordable housing communities. However, they still made sure that the future homeowners have adequate facilities to enjoy and elevate the quality of their life. There are not too many facilities here as you would expect to find in high end developments. Nonetheless, you can get the facilities that you truly need.

The first and most important amenity available at Fiesta Communities Mabalacat is the entrance gate with guard house. The entranced gate is one way to ensure that security personnel are able to monitor the entrance and exit of vehicles into the subdivision. This is a good way to protect the security of the homeowners. In addition, the beautifully designed gate provides a sense of luxury and elegance to this housing development, even though it is primarily an affordable housing community.

Another important facility in this subdivision is the chapel. This chapel was built primarily for the residents of this house and lot community. Since this chapel is located within the subdivision, it makes it convenient to attend mass for the homeowners without the need to travel far to go to church. Even though this chapel is small, it is made specifically for this subdivision and provides an exclusive feel to it. 

For your social needs and for other important celebrations, the Bayanihan Hall is another important facility in this subdivision. The Bayanihan Hall, just like the chapel and the entrance gate, feature a beautiful and modern design. This makes the hall the ideal venue for social gatherings and important celebrations, whether for the entire community or your special family gatherings. There is no need to pay for rent on an expensive venue; this hall is open for homeowners to use whenever available. This can also serve as the official social hall for the entire subdivision, which provides you the opportunity to mingle with and meet other homeowners in the subdivision.

For families moving into this subdivision, there are also plenty of facilities and amenities suited for your children. There is an outdoor playground that is equipped with all of the amenities that your children need to have fun. The playground offers wide, open spaces for kids to play around. The playground offers the perfect venue for the kids to keep up with their active lifestyle and have fun. 

Another amenity that is available at Fiesta Communities Mabalacat is a great option for those who want to lead an active lifestyle. This amenity is an outdoor gym equipment. It is like a playground for the adults, especially the ones who are into fitness. There is no need to sign up for a gym membership. You can go to the outdoor gym to use their workout facilities and enjoy the fresh air of the outdoor setting. 

The most unique feature available at this subdivision is the fact that it has its own school too. Aside from the chapel, the school is available for families that want to keep their children close and save time from traveling.

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